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The Presidents Room
Chateau Tanunda 1908
View from Tanunda Post Office 1908
The Clubhouse circa 1977
Club Members 2009
The Clubhouse 2010
Grand Final Day in The Clubhouse bar
Clubhouse wins Club of The Year 2015



Moving forwards - into a new era.
November 2021 marks the 130th year of The Clubhouse, which was officially formed as The Tanunda Club between the 17th and 20th of November, 1891.

As we move into the future, we are reminded of the efforts of those men who had a vision to create place in Tanunda for social gatherings. If they could visit today, they would hardly recognise the club that has evolved today! The Clubhouse has set a standard for regional clubs across South Australian, having twice been awarded the prestigious title of 'Club of The Year' by Clubs SA, in 2012 and again in 2015.


In the past a great deal of formality surrounded the office bearers of The Tanunda Club. To become President of this auspicious venue was both an honour and a grave responsibility, held by the most upright community-minded men. These men served with leadership and foresight, guiding the club through the decades as they adapted to the changing demands of the economy of the time.  Today our 'Presidents Room' features a portrait gallery with every Club President in the Club's history from our first President, John Basedow, up to and including our current day President. 

A place locals can take pride in.

Today the club boasts modern facilities and a high standard of hospitality that attracts both locals and tourists alike. Our venue continues to adapt and change to the needs of a new generation, but always the same focus remains. We are a community venue, proudly community owned and operated, here to serve.

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